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From Our Members

The Antique Club of Oklahoma City enjoys Quimper Talk.

Qclub members Linda Crocker and Susan Cox journeyed to Oklahoma City recently to share their knowledge of Quimper. 

Linda Crocker’s Report of the event:

My best friend in Oklahoma City, Eddi Morgan Naifeh, was asked by the Antique Club of Oklahoma City to host and be the speaker on her various antique faience collections. She invited Susan Cox and me to bring some of our unusual Quimper pieces and asked Susan to give a presentation on the history of Quimper and other French faience as well as the Quimper Club and its activities. They were very attentive, asked a number of questions, and several picked up the membership forms. There were approximately 40 ladies in attendance, and a number of them told me that it was their best meeting of the year!


Visit to Vizcaya – shared by a WA State collector with Lucy Williams.

“We went to this lovely museum today. The gentleman’s dishes were displayed in the serving room. Thought you’d enjoy seeing them. Each picture is a section of one floor to ceiling wall cupboard. The last of the “cupboard” pictures gives you an idea of how it looks. The last three are some odd pieces left in a kitchen cabinet. Other than your house, I haven’t seen such a big collection. Just the guy’s everyday china.

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