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Annual Meeting 2024



Announcing the 2024 Quimper Club meeting!

When:  3-days – beginning either April 15 or April 22. These dates allow us to attend the spectacular annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival – which has more tulips than Holland!

Where: Bellingham, Washington

Day One - Day at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival - view blooming fields of tulips and display gardens with many varieties of tulips. Mid-week gives us access to the gardens without the crowds and attending the last half of the months gives us full blooms!

Day Two - explore Bellingham and surrounds on your own. Late lunch and Club Meeting at hotel.

Day Three - House & faience collection tour at Caroline Mann's house in Everett.   Farewell dinner at local Everett restaurant (members responsible for their individual tab) 












Airport Info: Bellingham has an airport which offers flights to 5 airports in southern California as well as Phoenix, Las Vegas and Denver.  For the rest of the country you would have to book a flight to Seattle and then a connecting flight to Bellingham.


Weather Info: The weather in late April is spotty - chilly with frequent rain, but it is northwest rain:  usually light.  I have seen the tulip festival many times in the rain and with an umbrella it is still very worth seeing.  If we are lucky, it will be sunny though.


Before or After Trip Suggestions: The meeting can easily be tied to a longer vacation in: Bring your passports to see beautiful British Columbia!



Vancouver, BC

Victoria, BC
Victoria's World Famous Butchart Gardens

Plus, we have local members with fabulous collections:  Lucy Williams, Pat & Colin Hull, and Bev Mar.  They all live very close to each other and can be visited either before or after the meeting, arrangements to be made with them.

Your reply requested!

Can you attend: Yes, no, or maybe?  If so, do you have a preference for dates in late April? Add your suggested dates here:


Unlike our usual meetings, you would have to pay for almost everything yourself, not through the club. 

I can help with hotel suggestions and will send a list of local restaurants and other local suggestions in future emails.


Caroline Mann

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