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Every issue features either a decor or a form. For the Chinese year of the rooster, the issue had a photo spread on the rooster decor in French faïence. Other article topics included an interview with a painter at HB-Henriot, heraldry, sculpteur Nicot, and miniatures.

Various themes  interest prospective writers, and in another issue, there was acharming article about the appeal of children. Artist Paul Yvain was featured, as were costumes from Finistère, the shoe form, and Quimper marks used by different stores.

Artists of yesterday and today are regularly  introduced. There was an interview with Philippe Lalys.  A visit to the Plozevet doll furniture museum, an overview of Nevers faïence,  and coffee and tea pots were also in this issue.

The Q & A section provides an opportunity for any Club member to send in a photo

with a question; these questions have been the basis for further articles at times. A question
about this piece was asked in an issue. Other articles included tips about photographing your collection, Napoleon as represented in art, and the Norman decor.

An article about artist Marc’harit Houël and the songs of Theodore Botrel touched on several aspects of the Breton cultural heritage. An overview of a year of flea markets and antiques shows in Brittany provided useful information for Q Club members.

Quimper collectors are frequently interested in other French faïence, and articles often present other manufactures, such as one about Blois. Olivier Lapicque was the featured artist, and a photo report of the Pêcheur décor of Paul Fouillen was the result of participation by Club members.

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