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We are sad to announce that Millicent Mali, died unexpectedly on September 16, 2020, after a short illness. She was surrounded by her children David and Laura and her husband Pierre.

Millie was fond of Quimper and the many friends who shared her passion. A collector of French Faience for over forty-five years and an avid researcher, Millicent authored three books, Quimper Faïence (1979), French Faïence, Fantasie et Populaire of the 19th and 20th Centuries (1986) and CA: A French Faïence breakthrough (2000). She also wrote and produced the Old
Quimper Review (1990 - 2004). Many of her articles and essays were reproduced in the Quimper Club International Journal. Millie was a charter member of and served as Vice President on the original Board of Directors of Quimper Club International. Her advice, mentorship, and friendship were invaluable to the organization through-out the decades. 

Photo: L-R. Patricia Hull, Millicent Mali, Sandra Bondhus

On October 15, 2017, members met at the home of Sandra Bondhus to honor Millicent Mali as a QCI “Legend of Faience”.

Patricia Hull
President, Quimper Club International

A Tribute to Jean-Claude Euzet (en Francais and English)
GRECB has decided to republish his article
which appears in no 8 (year 1986) of the GRECB1 bulletin. This relevant work continues to retain its importance today, capturing and supporting the spirit of the 2019 annual exhibition.
Being a tireless explorer of archives, Jean-Claude had examined, among other things, the regional newspapers in search of the daily life before 1914 in Beauvais and its region. This was the source of many especially important publications for both GRECB, GEMOB2 and other publications including the "Chronicles of Beauvaisian Life" in the Couleurs-Mag magazine (2013-2014).

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Desvres faïence specialist François Piton has notified the QCI that sadly, M. Claude Fourmaintraux, former manager of the famous La Poterie faïence factory in Desvres, died this August at age 98. Claude descended from a rich tradition of ceramists originally from Lille, including Antoine-Joseph Fourmaintraux (1728-1792), his son FrançoisJoseph Fourmaintraux (1764-1841) who moved to Desvres and established the family there, Louis-François Fourmaintraux (1802-1885), Emile Fourmaintraux (1857-1929) who founded the La Poterie factory, and Gabriel Fourmaintraux (1886-1984), Claude’s father. Claude studied as a young man in Desvres, Boulogne-sur-Mer and Malicorne, and in 1941 after WWII, he joined his father to help resurrect a factory that had been badly damaged during the German occupation. In 1946 Claude became the Technical Director under his father Gabriel and along with his brother-in-law Daniel Dutertre, the factory gained prosperity and acclaim. Claude’s brilliant father Gabriel was well known for his porcelain creations, especially miniatures, as well as crackleware. 
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Longtime QCI member Diane Dannelly Robinson passed away in Plano, Texas, on May 26, 2020. 

Born and raised in Dallas, Diane graduated from Principia College in Elsah, Illinois. She enjoyed horseback riding, swimming, playing golf and was devoted to her family.

Meeting the love of her life on a New Year’s Eve blind date, Diane married William “Jack” Robinson in May 1964. Diane and Jack moved to Oklahoma City for a time, but eventually returned to the Dallas area.

Diane was active in her church, serving on committees and teaching Sunday School classes. While Diane enjoyed knitting, she was also an avid and accomplished needle-pointer.  Working with her sister, they founded “et cetera”, a needlepoint design business, creating and painting original needlepoint canvases and selling to retail shops around the U.S.  She enjoyed traveling with Jack across the U.S., Canada and England, but she especially enjoyed many trips to France.  Diane was instrumental in helping Lucy Williams and Katie Wiggins Sledge, founders of The Quimper Club International, by serving on the bylaws committee and serving for many years as the treasurer and secretary of the organization. During many trips to France with Jack, her sister or friends, she accumulated a large collection of French faience and antiques through which, she met and enjoyed many new friends throughout North America, the U.K., and Europe.  A friend to all, always eager to help a friend with her steady hand, patience, wisdom and a smile on her face, Diane will be missed.

Diane was predeceased by “Jack” Robinson her husband of 55 years and is survived by sons Stuart and Mark Robinson, a daughter-in-law and two grandchildren and sister, Susan Cox, also a member of QCI. 

A memorial service will be held at Third Church of Christ, Scientist in Dallas on a future date when churches are once again open for services. Diane will be laid to rest with her husband Jack, on Tuesday, June 2, at the DFW National Cemetery in Dallas.

Long-time QCI member Ginny To passed away peacefully at home in Fremont, California on August 3, 2018 after an illness of several years. Ginny joined the Quimper Club in 2001 and was an ardent collector of Quimper and Desvres faïences. 

In addition to collecting faïence, she loved to garden, care for her Chihuahuas, swim, and sing karaoke. She spoke French and traveled to France frequently for QCI meetings, to visit family and to purchase faïence. For those fortunate to know her, she was a lovely and generous person. Family and friends will miss her dearly. May the shelves and walls of heaven be lined with French faïence for Ginny!

Qclub member Maggie Calkins has sent the sad news that her mother and fellow Quimper collector, Ann Calkins passed away on Sept 12th. She will be missed by family and friends alike.

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