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Porquier Beau Statue "The Newlyweds"

Dick’s Quimper collection began with a major piece, the Porquier Beau statue “The Newlyweds.” It was love at first sight for him.

I had been collectioning cups and saucers and an occasional small plate to display with my four Quimper eggcups. My budget for collecting was tiny and even buying a piece at all seemed like a huge luxury.

Dick and I were at an antique show in L.A. when one of our favorite dealers had some wonderful cups & saucers AND this large wonderful statue. Well, Dick took a good look at the statue and decided that we should have it. So, after quite an extensive conversation we agreed – we would buy it. I must admit, the statue pretty much ate up a whole year’s collecting budget for me but I have never regretted the decision.

Through the years, I’ve added to Dick’s collection a piece at a time. The terracotta pieces don’t seem to mix well with the faience pieces (or maybe they do and I’m overly sensitive to glazes and finishes), but in any case, they certainly display well as a collection! One piece at a time is usually how they entered our home but occasionally I was able to find a pair.

The matching newlywed platter is a favorite and this Porquier Beau themed collection is a source of great pride for us both.

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