History of the QClub

We are internationally recognized as the official club for Quimper and French faience collectors.


In February 1999, Lucy Williams and Katie Wiggins Sledge decided to start a club for collectors of Quimper faïence. After establishing its purpose and intent in celebrating all Quimper both old and new, the Q Club opened its membership to all interested collectors, dealers, and enthusiasts. Within the first three months, membership inquiries arrived from all over the world. Today, the Club has over 250 members in half-a-dozen countries and includes the leading authors, dealers, and collectors in the field among its members. The Club is incorporated as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit entity in Texas; the bylaws were revised in 2013.

The Quimper Club International logo was designed by Cathy Schermer.  She has also created some commission pieces commemorating certain Club meetings.