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We would like to encourage members and prospective members who have a piece of “mystery faience ” to contact us.  We do not do valuations.  This is a learning tool to find out more about faience.


Hi, I found this plate and can’t find any info on it. Could you shed any light on it please. ~Simon



The artist was Simone Carrié, aka Kercy, who worked in a small workshop in Quimper during the second part of the the 20th century. The style is contemporary and is similar to other artists such as Youen, Bel Delecourt, Piclet, Fouillen and Keraluc. The number 50 seems to reflect that it was made in 1950.


Special thanks to Yannick Clapier who helped uncover this mystery. Please see his article YOUEN in the recent Quimper Club Journal.