2013 Mtg Min




7 OCTOBER 2013

The meeting was called to order at 8:40 a.m. with a quorum present.

• Host Dale Day welcomed members and introduced his wife, Hostess Dany Day. They started the QCI Annual Meeting by announcing they were delighted to be in St. Augustine, FL. Since art is a part of life, they are proud that QCI is being recognized. Dany thanked Lucy Williams, as a co-founder of QCI, and all of those who have followed.

• President Judy Bernard introduced the first time attendees, BOD and EB members, and the USA Liaison.

New Business:

• First order – Upon motion made, seconded and voted on, the minutes of the 2012 Annual Business Meeting were approved.

• Second order – 2nd Vice President, Katie Sledge, oversees the QCI website and is asking for help with content. Terrisa Bernard has offered to help. This past year, eleven e-newsletters were sent in addition to web updates, mail management, a communication survey and proposed Bylaw revisions.

• Third order – Secretary Maggie Bryant reported there are now 229 members with an increase due, in part, to the family memberships. The club increased from 13 new members the previous year to 47 new members this past year. The club is represented by the following members/countries: (6) Canadian, (181) United States, (31) France, (10) United Kingdom and (1) in Belgium. The new renewal form will be mailed in January 2014 via snail mail, the tried and true tested method, to begin the renewal drive. A downloadable version will be on the QCI website.

• Forth order – Treasurer Kathryn Gearheard provided the Treasurer’s report that was included in the meeting program. A copy of that report is attached to and made part of these minutes. The report was accepted as written.

• Fifth order – As QCI Historian, Karen Davis has a goal to scan as much historical data as possible and eliminate the boxes and boxes of paper files.

Overview of Accomplishments:

• A memorial contribution was made in honor of artist and friend Jean-Claude Taburet.

• Thanks to the diligence of Susan Cox, a Legends of Faience Award Certificate was presented to Maurice Fouillen.

• A survey was successfully created and sent to all members asking for their opinion regarding QCI future media communications.

• Recommendations for Bylaw revisions were solicited and evaluated and proposed to the membership.

• The Legends of Faience award has made progress toward becoming a joint award with the Musee of Faience in Quimper.

Old Business:

• French Liaison Philippe Theallet has worked with the BOD of the Musee of Faience, Quimper, to develop a joint QCI and Musee of Faience Legends of Faience Award. Susan Cox made the motion to pursue a joint project with the Musee. Lucy Williams made a second to the motion which carried unanimously. A QCI Committee made up of Susan Cox, Judy Datesman (Chair), Kathryn Gearheard, Patricia Hull and Rachel Papkin will work with Philippe in establishing the methodology and criteria for the award. Initial questions to be addressed: Identify who decides on the nominations. Who are the persons concerned, i.e., artists, ceramists, people who have a developed knowledge of earthenware? Someone else? How will the voting take place?

• Gay Smith, Le Journal Editor for past ten years, has resigned and was presented a gift for her continuous outstanding support. The club is now seeking a new Journal Editor.

• Report of the Communication Survey will provide insight as to what changes we might want to consider in view of more electronic communications and for soliciting authors. Items to be considered are: fewer printed items or more online articles? Small winter journals and a larger spring issue? Increase social media presence? One outcome may be a Mentoring Group to help members who are interested in writing. The survey results will be published in the near future.

• The proposed revised Bylaw changes were highlighted and a vote was taken to approve them as revised. The changes included adding a 3rd VP for Membership and Publicity, allow for electronic ballots, creates a nominating committee made up of the three (3) most recent past presidents, allows for the reelection of a former officer to the same previously held position after a two year absence from the BOD, and members must concur with a nomination before being nominated for an elected position. Upon motion made, seconded and with no opposition, voted on, the Revised Bylaws were approved.

• Seattle, WA was the proposed for the QCI 2015 annual meeting. A West Coast meeting drew a large show of hands interested in attending.


• Old journals are on sale for $5 each
• Business cards are also available for those who need them

• Post meeting trip information to Winter Park and Boca Raton, FL was presented by Karen Davis
• Cerelle Bolon sent greetings and thanked everyone for their care and concern.

• Judy Datesman mentioned a message was received from Marjatta Taburet on the passing of Jean-Claude. A thank you is given to those who wrote a note of sympathy.

• The 2013 meeting souvenir piece is available for sale – cost is 45 Euros and will be shipped before the end of December 2013.


Annual Meeting, Nice France:

Trudi and Neil Epstein gave a comprehensive overview of the 2014 annual meeting to be held in Nice, FR. The scheduled date is 11-16 September 2014. Meeting registration material will be sent to members in January 2014. Judy Datesman will lead a follow-on excursion to Leon ending in Paris with the viewing of a private collection.
Guest Speaker:
Mr. Ken McMillan, Professor and Chairman, Department of Art and Design (Ret.) at the University of North Florida gave an outstanding presentation on the art of design, and the making of ceramics and sculpture. Now retired, he works with disadvantaged youth to show them accomplishment through art and he displayed some of their work. As a researcher, he travels the world investigating ceramics techniques. He showed videos of ceramic art methods in various countries. The presentation was entertaining and funny as well as insightful.

With no further announcements, the meeting adjourned for lunch at 11:45 a.m.

Respectfully submitted:
Terrisa Bernard for
Maggie Bryant, Secretary